Hello, My Name Is…

Julia Liss is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Writing. She comes all the way from Livingston, New Jersey where she lives with her mom, dad, and two labrador retrievers. She also has two brothers and a sister-in-law, but since they’re adults, they all live in New York City, where Julia plans to live once she graduates. Julia is a staff news reporter for the Michigan Daily as well as the editor-in-chief of the Michigan chapter of Spoon University. Her reputation for being obsessed with food is extremely accurate as most of her days are spent planning her next meal. Much like a 5 year old, Julia gets really excited about the prospect of eating a blue snow cone.


2 thoughts to “Hello, My Name Is…”

  1. Wow, you must really love food haha. By the way, I’ve never really heard of Spoon University. Obviously it’s a publication of some sort and i’m assuming it has to do with food. What exactly do you guys cover? I’m very interested in learning more!

  2. First off, I love the picture! It has so much color and personality in it. The picture reinforces what the bio asserts about food. Also, the tone you use is conversational and fun. That combined with the picture gives us an idea of your personality already. How did you get involved with the Daily and Spoon University?

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