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ALT = Huffington Post blog homepageLike many of my classmates, I struggled with this assignment because I don’t regularly follow blogs. The only time I read blogs is when I’m Googling a random topic and someone’s blog post happens to come up in my search results. In some ways I feel very behind the times in terms of technology and social media…

When trying to find a blog to discuss for today’s assignment, I searched “most popular blogs” and browsed various websites with different lists. One blog that kept coming up on top was The Huffington Post blog, which I realized I read every so often when links pop up on Google News or Facebook. The Huffington Post relies on several bloggers who provide commentary on various social and political issues. When doing more research it was hard to tell if the bloggers were all unpaid volunteers or if some were paid and others were unpaid. It seems like the blog is so popular because the opinions come from a fairly respected source. If these people’s opinions were not tied to a journalistic source then readers might not take them as seriously.

In terms of rhetorical style, the Huffington Post blog’s audience seems to be the general public, especially people who wish to become more informed on politics and current events. The genre would probably be classified as political commentary, and the exigence for writing each post is that the bloggers have an opinion about the world that they feel needs to be heard.

Annie Humphrey

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  1. I found it really funny that you had the same approach to this assignment as me! It really is a struggle for those of us who do not read blogs on a regular basis. I’m also really surprised that I didn’t think of The Huffington Post as a blog until you mentioned it in your writing. In my experience, it has been something I find myself reading here and there without even realizing I am reading a blog. Your comment about its popularity was spot on. Interesting choice!

  2. Annie,

    I also really struggled to find a blog to post about. I googled “interesting blogs” and every variation of those words I could think of. Unfortunately I didn’t have your luck and it produced nothing for me. It was interesting that the blog you found was politically-based. I so often think of blogs as personal and entertaining posts that I forget about news-based blogs. Blogs are an interesting way to report the news. A news blog is basically one big editorial. But I agree with what you said about blogs from something like the Huffington Post being popular because the source is reputable. I imagine political blogs like this are much more popular than one man’s personal blog on which he discusses politics.

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