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A variety of delicious home cooking recipes with pictures. [Image by screen capture]
“I am a food blog” front page. A variety of delicious home cooking recipes with pictures. [Image by screen capture]
Food blogging has never been so popular as today. In April, the crash of Instagram caused a “global food crisis” that people were starving by not being able to post food pictures. The increase attention on life style draws people to go back to the originality of life that they begin to care more about fitness, dietary, and details of life that we used to neglect. Thus, food blogs come into place and remain popular. I love food blogs not because they satisfied my sweet tooth, but they have the magic to calm me down and to appreciate the moment of life. Food blog become a way to express positive attitudes towards people and the world instead of merely sending out recipes. Food blogs are also more personal and always give out insight about different cuisine and restaurants, which makes them more practical and useful because of its unlimited availability. I want to share “I am a food blog” today to spread the positive energy that it has brought to me. Please follow me to take a tour to this lovely blog.

When you enter the main page, you will see a high definition picture of food through left to right, and the picture will scroll every few seconds. It’s like a digital gallery that offers you calmness and attracts you to read more. Just as simple as the blog name, the title is put on top of the page with a moderate size, and there is a subtitle “celebrating the awesomeness of food”.  It is worth noticing that the title is not capitalized, which makes the blog less formal and adds aliveness to it. The background is white, so everything on top becomes distinct, and automatically draws readers’ attention. As you scroll down, you will see a photo album with little paragraphs under each of the photos. Those paragraphs begin with “My mom, I wish, when I am at home…” all of which close the distance between you and the blogger in a second. The recipes and food stories are like talking to an old friend, naturally and freely.  Everyone eats and everyone makes food, so she has a wide array of audiences: from full-time mothers to busy students, from office ladies to diligent grandmas, or any other people who like cooking. In terms of its exigency, the blog should have the attempt to share personal experience about food making and especially to provide readers recipes and a heartwarming lifestyle.

People say the keys to create a successful food blog are gorgeous photography, wonderful writing, and rock solid recipes. I believe “I am a food blog” have all of them, and in addition, as it noted at the bottom of the page, it is “made with love”. When there is anything that love has involved, it will always sound better, or taste better. I want to end this post with a popular saying: eat the gourmet food, do the right things, make yourself pleased and nobody can ever hurt you.

Enni Zhao

If, for the sake of amour and cuisine, I must pay, I would then give my life away.

3 thoughts to “I Am a Food Blog”

  1. Enni,

    It is a Sunday morning and I just woke up… I decided, hey let me get some blogging done so I can focus on other things today. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO POST ABOUT FOOD?!?! Now all I want to do is go cook a magnificent morning brunch because the food blog looks sooooo tasty. I definitely am not being productive right now like I should be. As I look throughout the blog, I also really like the set up– from the lavish pictures to the ‘made with love’ to the recipes and thoughts behind them. Great choice on choosing this blog, Enni. Although now I am being very unproductive, it was worth my time scrolling through this awesome blog.

  2. Like you, Enni, I chose to post about a food blog. It was interesting to see the similarities between your own post and mine. You talked about how a food blog is more personal than just posting recipes. I agree. It seems like every person’s recipe has a special story about when she first made it or how her mother used to make it. This definitely closes the distance between blogger and reader. Something else you brought up that holds true for the blog I chose (but I didn’t notice) is the white background. I think it’s important for a food blog, which is so visually-based, to have a plain background. It helps make the pictures pop!

  3. Hi Enni!
    I am in the other half of the Fall 2014 Minor cohort, and I just wanted to comment and tell you how much I loved your post! I also consider myself someone who loves food–everything from reading food blogs, looking up restaurants’ menus and finding delicious new recipes to try. I have never heard of “I am a Food Blog,” and now I can’t wait to check it out. I really liked the details you included in your explanation of the blog, for example how the color of the background, lowercase letters, and subtitle make it feel very casual and comfortable for the reader. I’ve never thought to analyze a blog in this way, but now it is clear that these small details have a significant influence on the reader’s experience. I also loved the saying you included at the end of your post, where is that from? Anyways, thanks for sharing this awesome blog with us!

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