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I was scrolling through my past documents on my laptop, there are some real doozies in there—not in a good way. But I came across my application letter to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Program. I had forgotten what I wrote about, but as a was re-reading it, my inspiration returned to me. I had written about my grandfather. As a Journalism major, he is always telling me to learn how to write. He’s always telling me that writing is the most important skill you can have. He says that no matter how intelligent someone is, if he sounds like a fool in writing, he won’t be taken seriously. Now, I understand that my grandfather grew up in very different times. People don’t rely on writing as much as they used to, and engineers are in much higher demand than journalists. But I made a promise to my grandfather and I have every intention of keeping it.

For my project I plan to make an academic argumentation on the importance of writing. I want to emphasize the importance of teaching proper writing skills in grade school. I also want to argue that even in an increasingly technological society, being able to write is as necessary a skill as any. The skill transcends to being able to communicate clearly in any situation, and through any medium.

I don’t know what publication to gear my project towards. Cohorts, any ideas? T, I definitely plan to meet with you and just talk it out.

Thinking even further ahead, because my grandfather was my inspiration for both my Sweetland application and this upcoming project, I was thinking of writing a short fictional novella based on his life. Has anyone read Half-Broke Horses or Unbroken? Similar format to those books, but most definitely without the finesse of Jeannette Walls or Laura Hillenbrand. That’s just an idea though, not sure if I’m cut out to be writing on that scale just yet.

My Paga and Blue kickin it back like a couple of homies.
My Paga and Blue kickin it back like a couple of homies.


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  1. The first thing I noticed about this post is the photo caption, which really encompasses your voice as a writer and your funny tone. So yay!
    As for the idea, I think it’s great. Writing is something you’re clearly passionate about, and writing about your grandfather later on will be something you’ll be able to appreciate throughout your life as well as something I’m sure your family will love.
    As for the publication for the academic argumentation, I think a scholarly journal on education would be great here. I just did a quick search, and apparently the National Association for the Education of Young Children exists, and published academic articles. So, if you’re thinking about gearing more toward young’ins, this could work. Also, Chronicle of Higher Education could be good if you’re thinking college-level writing. Either way, I definitely don’t think choosing a publication will be an issue and am excited to see it!

  2. I really love this idea for your project. Similar to what your grandfather told you, in high school my mom always encouraged me to take accelerated Language Arts classes over Math and Science because of how important it is to be a good reader and writer (I wrote about this for my Minor in Writing app too!). I also like how you are going to transform your essay into a piece about the importance of writing. It’s cool how you are taking advice your grandfather gave you and expressing it as something that everyone should care about. The Journal of Higher Education might be a good publication platform if you want to gear it towards an older age group, but like Catherine said there are also organizations like the National Association for the Education of Young Children. It could be interesting if you wrote the essay with all age groups in mind, but some brainstorming might necessary to think of where to publish it. Either way, I think this will be a very meaningful project and I can’t wait to see the progression of your ideas into a final version!

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