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A blog that I encourage everyone to follow is very dear to my heart because it is written by my mom! She blogs primarily about all of the trials and tribulations of being a parent and the different types of parenting she has had to adopt for my three siblings and me. The title of the blog is “Unscripted Mom” because of how brutally honest my mother recounts both the struggles and rewards of motherhood. Her style reflects this honesty as it is very raw, straightforward, and engaging. I find her posts meaningful because they often revolve around our relationship and, specifically, how she handled my tough adolescent years, my rebellious high school years, and finally my departure to college.


She primarily directs her blog towards other mothers, yet, many of my friends also read it and enjoy the messages. I am called into her office at least once a week regarding her inability to move text or post a picture so she’s not extremely tech-savvy to say the least. For this reason, the blog could definitely be more creative on the web-technology end. However, the simple format is easy to follow and posts are easy to find. I find that this simplicity is appropriate for her mostly older audience who most likely cares less about the font she uses and the co

This is a photo of me and my mom, both looking happy, with our arms around each other in Hawaii.
My mom and I with our toes in the sand

Sophie Burton

Sophomore in LSA, from Minnesota. I love yoga and sea salt truffles.

2 thoughts to “Listen to your Mother…”

  1. Sophie,

    I feel like over the first few weeks, I’ve gotten to learn a lot about your Mom! Between your “Why I Write” essay, which was really inspired by her, and now this post, I’ve come to the understanding that your mom is a great writer and overall, a really cool person!

    My dad also has a blog, and although for the most part his posts are work related (he is a creative consultant for advertising agencies and a range of brands), some of them get a little personal. He’ll share little anecdotes about my mom and brother and I, and honestly, sometimes I get a little embarrassed! It sounds like your mom can share pretty honest stories about you and your family as well, do you ever get embarrassed?

    What do you like most about your Mom’s blog that you try and emulate in your own writing? I think it’s so funny that a lot of our parents are more blog/tech savvy than us nowadays.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Sarah when I read your post: if my mom blogged about me I would kill her! I really appreciate the way you and your mom have such a connection when it comes to writing. I find it interesting that friends your age enjoy reading your mom’s parenting blog! Seems like she’s doing something right

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