Literally the Biggest Decision of My Life

Just the snippet of the chaotic "My Documents" folder. My personal favorite title: "thing for school"
Just a snippet of the chaotic “My Documents” folder. My personal favorite title: “thing for school”

Initially, I thought re-purposing was going to be easy. As an avid DIY crafter (with two over-used glue guns to prove it), I love re-inventing things that I don’t like. Since I’ve written a lot of things I don’t like, I thought this would be right up my alley. I sifted through the archival mess that is the “My Documents” folder and found a few that I thought I could use; but when I actually considered what to do with them, I got stuck. So here I am.

The first sample I’m considering is a research paper I wrote last year for Media Economics. The piece is a collection of six proposals to “protect the future of independent professional journalism.” The title sounds superhero-esque, but it’s really not that exciting. There are a lot of random terms and S-curves. So, if I go with this, I would find some way to make the topic interesting.

I’m also thinking about reworking another research paper, this time one I wrote for my English 225 class freshman year. Since the course was titled “Academic Argumentation,” we each chose a debatable topic to follow throughout the semester, continuously contributing to the final, 20-page research paper. I wrote about animal rights and, specifically, where ethics plays in when it comes to zoos. Since this is so long, I feel like there’s something I could do with it. I’m also pretty passionate about the topic, so that’s a plus.

Whichever way I choose to go, I know I want to make this project something meaningful to me and something that could be useful outside of class. Since I’m really interested in journalism, I’m leaning more toward the first idea. Still, on the other hand, animals are cute.

And so, the debate continues.

One thought to “Literally the Biggest Decision of My Life”

  1. HI Allison! I totally understand your struggle of choosing between your two pieces of writing. Also, my “My Documents” folder is a complete mess as well so don’t worry. Since you are interested in both topics, it might be helpful to do some quick brainstorming about what you could do if you used each essay to try and help you make your decision. For me, I like to have a vision of what my options are/could be before I choose a starting point. As an Econ major, the Media Economics essay sounds really interesting to me (I’m probably a little biased) and I think you could go in a lot of directions with the repurposing. But, the fact that your animal rights essay was argumentative in nature could make for a great 2nd project as well. Either way, I think you have two great options, and it might just be a matter of which essay you would rather spend a significant amount of time working with. Good luck with the decision process and I can’t wait to hear about your newest ideas!

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