Making Another Writer’s Decisions

Wow. I can’t imagine I am the only one who is slightly overwhelmed by the freedom we have been given with the capstone project. The possibilities are literally endless. But, after talking extensively with Sarah, I feel like I have narrowed down my potential list of topics to a manageable number. Manageable being loosely defined, of course.

After explaining my background in research and general interests, both academically and personally, I feel like we landed on a few really great ideas. In addition to suggesting I write about one of my research projects, it seemed like Sarah really understood my interests and made an effort to integrate two or more of them into a single project. For example, one topic that I would consider perusing is the development of a “mock” grant to conduct research on the topic that interests me, drug addiction. She also suggested that I create a blog detailing my experience I had during my study abroad program. Although this is an interesting idea, I think the proposed grant project applies to my future endeavors in writing. I think experience in research and my interest in the topic of addiction led Sarah to the idea of a project that combines two of my greatest interests.

Based on this experience, I think that I have learned a new way to solicit advice from my peers. Instead of simply asking of suggestions, talking about our interests and type of writing we enjoy, I feel as though we were able to come up with genuine ideas for one another. After talking to Sarah, I think if I do not decide to work with the grant proposal idea, I am definitely going to try and incorporate more than one of my interests into my final project.

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