Making Another Writer’s Decisions

The brainstorming session yesterday was a great way to get some ideas flowing and to start looking into some new areas of writing I hadn’t considered before.

One topic that I’ve explored throughout my writing, even in the Gateway class, is the concept of being so busy with our lives that we forget to live the day to day and to enjoy the present. I mentioned to Elizabeth that historically my writing has been very memoir based, from my own perspective, and that I was looking into ways to expand this perspective. She came up with the great idea of perhaps interviewing or bringing in other people and their perspectives, which led us to an idea of creating stories based on people that I know really well. For example, I can anticipate the feelings and perspectives of my parents because I am so close with them, and using them as the main characters in a story could be a great way to break out of my own voice.

Another idea we touched on at the very end is the concept of being an only child. We both happen to be only children, and we realized that there are so many differences growing up as an only child versus having siblings, and many times, the opposite is hard to imagine. A (hopefully) witty, humorous way to show the perspective of an only child may be a nice way to spin personal experience into a different format.

Elizabeth was also great at bringing up the potential for different mediums in this project. Whether it’s film or a website, there are so many different forms of expression that this project really could go in many different directions. I haven’t quite decided on whether I will use these for this project in particular, but these are ideas that I hope to expand on going forward.

Walking away from our session, I’m drifting more towards the idea of writing a short fictional piece, using someone close to me as the protagonist to hopefully imagine a world from someone else’s eyes. The details of what I want to include are still in the making, but I am very determined to push my writing into this grey area where I’ve never been. Maybe I’ll even throw a little caveat “only child” piece at the very end, like an author introduction.

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