Making Another Writer’s Decisions

When looking at my project ideas I get a little overwhelmed.  I am not sure what to do specifically for my project and I always tend to get a little flustered when having to choose a topic for projects that are open ended.  I think Ben understood my interest fairly well and tried to make the interview as useful as possibly with the time we had to talk about subjects.  He gave me a good idea on a type of media to try, which is Prezi.  I have never used Prezi before, but I have seen multiple presentations using it and they look great and flowed well for the presenter.  I’m not sure that there are any topics on my list that I would be interested in pursing for this project.  The main topic that we talked about that I was considering doing for the project was speech synthesis.  Speech synthesis is basically the communication between humans and computers.  The only reason I am not considering this for my project is because I feel that it may be a little too technical and it may get boring over the course of an entire semester.  I think that Ben was led to propose the idea of speech synthesis because it came up when we were talking about interest and the topic also ties into my major, which is linguistics.  Based on this experience in the future I may be less forward about saying certain things that interest me and maybe let them be pried out because it may make the topic something that would be more creative and seem less forced.  I do not think that because of using this method it will change how I solicit advice in the future, because I tend to use a type of interview method to figure out topic ideas, but mostly it is just talking it out with someone.   This experience is sort of sending me back to the drawing board as far as finding a topic, because I did not find anything that was particularly interesting the first round.  I will have to implore other brainstorming methods to try to find a project that will suit me best for the semester.

Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

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  1. If you need any help with Prezi at all, let me know! I’m a big Prezi fan and I’ve used it for so many projects over the last four years. I’d say I know how to navigate it pretty damn well…haha.

    Also, I totally agree. Think outside the box- outside your major. What makes you YOU? Those are my favorite papers/projects. Try thinking about something really small…something really weird and different about yourself that you can explore more. I’m telling you, you’re bound to come up with a million ideas!

    Good luck 😀

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