Something for the UM sports fans.

Maize n Brew

I am relatively unfamiliar with the world of blogging, both writing my own and following others, but a blog that I have begun to follow regularly is Maize n Brew. MnB is a sports blog that primarily covers any and all news surrounding Michigan football, but other sports do manage to get occasional coverage. While the blog covers all recent and breaking news surrounding the team, there are a few specific weekly posts that I pay particular attention to. How to watch Michigan vs. is posted hours before the game every week, and includes things like what channel the game is on, 3 players to keep an eye on, and a recommendation on what to do after the game, win or lose. My favorite post is the weekly Recruiting Roundups that are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They give updates on how the current recruits are doing for their high school teams, previews and predictions for potential future commits to the program, and any other rumors surrounding football recruiting.

University of Michigan football recruiting news.
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MnB is certainly worthy of a follow for any Michigan sports fan. Even though the state of Michigan football is in decline, and many of the recent posts make that abundantly clear, there is a lot of breaking news and interesting information posted to satisfy the die hard fans.

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3 thoughts to “Something for the UM sports fans.”

  1. I think it’s interesting how news in general has changed due to blogs. In sports where there is so much speculation and so many opinions about how a team will play and what could happen, blogs are the perfect outlet to discuss them. I feel like blogs like this are especially relevant in times like this when the football team isn’t doing well, because people have so many opinions about how to improve the team. For die hard football fans, I feel like this would be the perfect type of blog.

  2. Although I don’t follow any sports blogs consistent, I do find them intriguing. Especially since we all attend a Big 10 school it is difficult not to embrace the sense of camaraderie that comes with following your school’s teams. The concept of blogging about it though is unique because it creates a community of fellow followers. Those with all different types of skill and interest levels can engage in different blogs and connect with others with similar interests. This engages and unifies people in a way that may not have been possible before sports blogs such as the one above. It also creates an opportunity to learn from each other with different levels of knowledge. Also the fact that not everyone had to watch each game to be able to stay updated enables people to keep up with their favorite teams among crazy schedules. Especially in recent times amidst the controversy with Brady Hoke, sports blogs provide valuable information about athletic news.

  3. Given recent events involving Michigan Football, I’ll definitely be checking this blog out. While I’m not the biggest football fan (even though I did buy season tickets), the politics behind the football program have been fascinating recently. Articles like this one are especially interesting:

    In the past year, some of the biggest sports stories have not actually involved sporting accomplishments, but instead have covered other topics relating to administrative or personal scandals (Donald Sterling, Ray Rice, Shane Morris’ concussion, etc). The blog you posted seems to offer a nice balance of articles focused entirely on football and the players – like recruiting updates – as well as articles relating to news associated with football – whether related to business or ethics.

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