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The style masquerade was a very unique exercise. I originally struggled at doing this exercise because I have never identified my own style, therefore, how would I recognize someone else’s style? I had to identify the writing style of Zadie Smith, a writer whom I have never heard of before. So, how was a very amateur writer suppose to identify the styles of a professional writer? Fortunately, my partner and I were able to identify the same attributes of styles without collaboration. That kind of gave me a sense of accomplishment because I am able to slowly get back in to the swings of writing. It is safe for me to say that I am still trying to find my style of writing because I have only been writing essays to please my professors choices/rubrics.

The style chapters that we read gave me an overall idea of where my writing normally stands. I cannot wait to explore more styles of writing through free writing options. Although blogging for our writing 220 classes have natural guidelines of what we need to ‘address’, I am discovering my own style of blogging that I will hopefully continue in the future with future blogging I wish to do.

I know I have different styles of writing due to the different items I need to write. The obvious differences are the different styles of essays and emails than to text messages and social media. Even when writing this blog I am still trying to figure out how to keep it ‘academic professional’ with my own voice. I feel a sort of uncomfortableness blogging for a class because I cannot quite decide how my tone or style can be. Obviously when one blogs, you use first person to explain one’s experience, however, I feel awkward always addressing things as “I this and I that”. One goal I have by the end of this semester is to become more comfortable with blogging, start up my own blog, and be able to identify my own style that I like for blogging. This is a very reachable goal because we will be blogging throughout the weeks, so I will be able to figure out how I like addressing my blogs, etc.

Finally, with all of that being said, I am still debating on two different paths of the writing prompt “Why I Write”. This is tricky because up until now, I only wrote for classes to the professors expectations. I am able to address this prompt however I want (within some boundaries). It is very odd because I try to determine why I write and there are so many factors in this that it’s a mind boggling question to address. With playing around with different ideas, I will soon be able to settle down with one and run with it!

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2 thoughts to “Style Masquerade”

  1. Emily,

    I nodded a couple of times when I read your post. Sometimes I felt so interesting to find some one has similar experience with me. I totally agree that in this academic environment, all the writing we did were to meet professors’ expectation rather than to make our own voice (unless it’s a writing class). As time goes by, we already get used to the frame that always keeps our writing inside. When we were provided choices and no boundaries, we can hardly make the choices and break the boundaries that we have set up before. I think the core of writing is to express, but with all the requirement and format, we lose the space to simply let the words flow out. I also have the same uncomfortable feeling when typing “I this””I that” for class assignment and even this blog, but I think this class is the best opportunity for us to break through the way we used to write and to help us be a better writer with our own voice.

  2. Emily,

    My post was similar to yours in that I feel unaware of my own style as well. I feel like I have always written the same types of pieces for my classes, mainly academic, and so it has been difficult for me to develop a style. I think that 220 will be the place I really start to form a style. As you said, we have few limitations on our blog posts and the “Why I Write” essay and are not writing “for classes to the professor’s expectations”. I think the more personal the writing is, the easier it is to develop a style.

    It’s interesting that you say you want to blog in the future. I have never really given blogs a second thought. I don’t read them or know anyone who blogs. But since starting to post on our class blog, I’ve been considering the same thing.

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