That’s So Catherine

cat soccerNow, this is a story all about how

Her life got flipped, turned upside down

And she’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

She’ll tell you how she became the prince of a town called…Ann Arbor? Ha. She wishes.

Born on April 28th 1995, Catherine Louise Livingston grew up in Rye, NY with her mother, father and two brothers. She currently resides in Ann Arbor as a directionless student at The University of Michigan. She was named after Catherine of Wuthering Heights, but alas, has yet to find her Heathcliff *sigh*. A former 3 sport athlete, she now occasionally frequents the Central Campus Recreational Building when she can muster the willpower. Nothing brings her more joy than her two dogs, Duke and Blue. She cannot go longer than a month without shopping and her ultimate weakness is York peppermint patties. If she could live a day in the life of anyone it would be JLaw, hands down. *That’s So Raven voice* Yep, that’s me!!!!

2 thoughts to “That’s So Catherine”

  1. Hi Catherine!
    Oh my gosh. I just now got the title…like That’s So Raven…and it ties into your last sentence…perfection. Love it.
    You do a great job of incorporating your own voice into your writing. I noticed this in the Why I Write piece you submitted for workshop as well as in this post. Also, I really like your photo choice, as it ties back into your being a “former 3 sport athlete” and is also really cute. I love how you are not afraid to speak casually on your blog and to include four exclamation points. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Catherine!
    First of all I love the That’s So Raven and Fresh Prince of Bel Air references–so funny. I really enjoyed reading your bio because you included a great combination of humor and seriousness. After reading I felt like I had a better sense of your personality as well as important facts about you (I also “occasionally” frequent the CCRB). I can definitely imagine this post being on your own personal blog since it was so witty and almost felt as if I was just having a conversation with you, which is very refreshing to experience as a reader. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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