The Daunting Task

In my writing class we are re-purposing a previous piece.

I have a decent number of old writing pieces that I would love to go back to and work with. I think all writers feel this way at one point or another. For some it could be to rediscover that period of time and work. It could also come from a place of regret over not doing the best they could on a piece of work. For me it’s a school assignment. Just kidding, it goes further than that. I have a couple ideas that I really like. Some coming from working with ideas surrounding my old fiction writing. Others coming from old assignments that I knew could have been better, but didn’t reach their potential when I finished working on them.

The first piece is titled Redd Revolvers. It was a spinoff of an idea I was working with for a cowboy novel. Basically, a gunslinger is going to kill a gang boss under the guise of being his man. The piece itself is a bit odd, and frankly grotesque, but it could be a good jumping off point for creating that world and writing that novel. If I went this route I would probably go for a series of connected stories in this world, that are released one-by-one on my blog.

Similarly, I was thinking of doing a series of fiction released through blog but regarding different ideas of what happens when we die. This piece is titled Walking the Earth, and gives my imagined possibility of life after death. I assert that when we die our spirit is released from our body, and given the opportunity to travel around the world and do whatever they want to really. They are further given option to be reincarnated or go to heaven after this stage. If I did a series I would want to write different scenarios. Like, what if when we died we could see how many people someone has killed, or assisted in killing, and whether they themselves were murdered. What would those conversations be like? The original inspiration for this piece was a book of poems: Sum by David Eagleman.

On a different note, I have written a couple pieces of creative non-fiction that I would like to visit again. The first, titled: Family Complications, is about my family situation, and how I have dealt with it over time. It explores my feelings about my parents splitting when I was young, and the subsequent introduction of my step-dad. I try to tackle how the situation has effected me for better or worse, and come to a point of acceptance.

The other piece was about a walk I took through the woods on a rainy night. It turned out to be a spiritual walk. I had a very unexpected reaction to being alone in the cold, dark, rainy woods. I felt more alive than I had in months, and I also felt like it pointed out my connection to nature.

In both of these last two pieces I think I had decent writing, but they could have been much better had I put more work into them. I’m not exactly sure how I would re-purpose these pieces though. Family and Nature are two very broad topics that I could draw a lot from. I just haven’t figured out what I want to do differently with them.

If anyone wants to help me out, any ideas for alternate media/format/forum that I could write in? Whether it is for the fiction stories, or the non-fiction, any ideas are welcome!



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2 thoughts to “The Daunting Task”

  1. All of your ideas are amazing and could easily be expanded on for this project! I was especially drawn to two in particular. The first one that really caught my attention was the piece you explained titled, Walking the Earth. That entire topic seems incredibly interesting to me and I would love to see how it turned out. I definitely think releasing stories one-by-one on your blog is a very cool idea. How long would each piece be? The other idea that intrigued me was the one about your family complications. I think that would also be a good piece to work with, simply because of the personal connection you have to it. However, I really don’t think you could go wrong with any of the options.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Sorry it took me a few days to write back. I think you have a bunch of really great ideas on the table, and I guess you have to choose based on which you would enjoy thinking about the most, and also which you could do research on, since that’s a requirement of the assignment. You seem passionate about your fiction stories and that would probably be really enjoyable to work on, but are you challenging yourself if you tend to do that kind of writing all the time? Up to you to judge. Also what could you research about those? Other fiction writers in that genre? Different widespread beliefs on what happens after death?

    I also think the story about your family could be good to use. There is certainly a lot you could say and research about the effects of divorce on a child or adolescent. This might push you a little more as well, as it would not be a style of writing you’re as comfortable with.

    Good luck

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