The roots of writing

One post that surprised me was the one of Chance the Rapper lyrics. I find hip-hop lyrics particularly interesting because they are often so charged and personal. Although rappers often get stereotyped into vulgar and womanizing, hip-hop can also be a powerful mode to express oneself artistically. It surprised me that I did not think to consider music lyrics as writing when I first did this assignment. I think the hip-hop industry is an interesting case study is that artists are often not respected unless they write their own lyrics. In knowing that, the listener of their music already has a unique, personal perspective into their lives. Songwriting in any genre takes an immense amount of talent, creativity and honesty in the case of creating your own lyrics. While I was never particularly talented at writing song lyrics, I enjoy analyzing the thought and effort behind composing music that evokes such powerful emotions.

Another post that stood out to me was the one of a young child’s letter to a parent. As we get older and we write more and more academic papers and critical analyses we often forget that writing is a communicative source as well. We use writing to connect and communicate in it’s simplest form. That’s why many of the students in our class were shocked by the other categories of writing we elucidated and had at first unknowingly disregarded. Something as simple as a handwritten note becomes so rare as we get older but there is certainly a charm to the authenticity in returning to the basic roots of writing.

I suppose with those points considered, to be a good writer today, it’s important to reach people. Whether it’s through a research paper, a tweet or a song lyric, writing should connect people and provoke thought. The fundamental purpose of writing should be to create some sort of impact, whether personal or public. I often write to work through a situation or particularly situation. In doing that, many others can probably relate to the same issue and your thoughts may shed some light on their purpose as well. Writing is a way to express yourself and in that honest expression, find a way to relate to others.


Anisha Nandi

I am a Communications and SAC double major pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. I am originally form New York but love being at U of M. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have always loved writing, especially creatively.

2 thoughts to “The roots of writing”

  1. I definitely agree with your points about song lyrics. I think a lot of music now a days tends to put less of an emphasis on the lyrics of a song, and as you mentioned, a lot of hip hop music gets a bad reputation for vulgarity, but there really is an aspect of power to song lyrics. Those rappers or lyricists who choose to tell their stories through music really do make an impact on the listeners. People get song lyrics stuck in their heads and belt them out on a bad day. The words a song writer chooses can directly influence people and you make a great point about the real emotion and honesty it takes to write something like that for so many people. I also found it funny how we neglect handwritten notes nowadays. Like you said, it’s kind of the simple bits of writing that can really strip down writing to its fundamental core.

  2. I think your comments on how writing can be be personal and communicative are spot on. After years and years of writing almost exclusively for English classes, I often forget that writing is all about communication. This is especially noticeable to me when I am writing emails. I often times over complicate or spend too much time on an email because I am thinking of how I would write for an assignment. An email should be all about getting your message across to another person as simply as you can, something that I usually forget to consider.

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