I have never actually followed a blog. I get kind of bored scrolling through websites on line so I always figured blogs weren’t for me. My friends, obsessed with their food and fashion blogs, have attempted to turn me– they’ve had no success. For this assignment, I decided to look at one that my best friend raves about: We Wore What. We Wore What is a fashion blog written by a New York City girl who decided she wanted to share her love of fashion with the world. She posts outfits she sees on people all over the city–as well as her own–to give followers style inspiration. As someone who loves fashion, I really like this blog because on top of getting to see creative outfits, each item of clothing has a link to the store it came from. This allows followers to not only see what they like, but to buy things, too. I also like exploring We Wore What because it could not be more simple to navigate. On the top of the home page there are seven different tabs that take you to different components of the blog. This lets followers see everything they want to without having to endlessly scroll through pages and pages of material. Danielle, the blogger, sorts posts by month so followers are able to select what they’re viewing. The blog is also aesthetically pleasing (at least for people interested in fashion). She chooses very neutral colors for all the words on the blog, allowing the photographs of clothing to really pop. Recently, Danielle added a new tab to her blog: Music. By including a music competent, Danielle is able to reach broader audience than if she just posted pictures of clothing. I think the exigence for We Wore What revolves around both composer and audience; Danielle loves to share her passion and followers of the blog feel inspired by its posts. I don’t know if I’m going to become an avid blog reader after this assignment, but I’m thrilled that it led me to look at one I like.   http://weworewhat.com/2014/06/

"We Wore What" Homepage
“We Wore What” Homepage
A post about "creating shapes" with clothing from June of this year.
A post about “creating shapes” with clothing from June of this year.


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  1. What a coincidence! That’s actually my favorite blog too! Just kidding of course. Am I…? Yes. I can’t say I’m too knowledgeable about fashion (or at all actually) but I can see from the picture of the blog that it’s extremely well organized. The homepage is very aesthetically pleasing, simple and elegant. I also think its really interesting that she decided to add music to the blog. I wonder what she is trying to accomplish through doing this or what specific new audience she is trying to reach. Anyway, I can probably say with some good certainty that I won’t be scrolling through weworewhat anytime soon, but if I did like fashion it definitely looks like something I would read…if that makes sense…at all…it doesn’t…never mind.

  2. Thanks for sharing. There will be one more fashion blog on my list now. I like your idea that the blogger is actually both audience and composer, which is true because she observes and shares with the public. I love fashion blogs. Different from magazines, they give insight and add personal styles to the readers. Fashion blogs have been really popular recent years, and they are not just blogs for they are actually leading the fashion trend. I have followed a fashion blog named “Stylescrapbook” and I can see through her blogging that fashion bloggers like her started to have a place in the world fashion circle. She attended fashion weeks all around the world as her blogs developed and gained more attention, and she was also supported by different fashion brands. I think there is a turning point that a fashion blogger switch from a simple blogger who is audience-based and enjoys interaction with public to a fashion leader who is more commercialized and market-based. This process is inevitable because they can not keep a personal basis interaction as they gather more followers, which will also attract more brands and companies to try to advertise through their blogging. However, I do think that fashion blogging is a good idea and it is helpful for generating fashion ideas and enjoyable to read.

  3. Emily,

    I am very unfashionable and have a girlfriend who gives me crap for that every day. It’s a shame that We wore what doesn’t help men dress up or it would become my favorite friend. I do enjoy the blogs interface and it is very easy to navigate which is great. I think that navigation is the most critical part to a blog for reading and comment purposes. Therefore, if I were into fashion, We Wore What would be a solid blog for me to read.

  4. Hi Emily! I’m in the other half of the MIW Gateway and am on an assignment to reach out and comment on someone outside my class. Your post caught my eye mainly because of the title, since I’ve heard of the WeWoreWhat and wanted to see what you had to say! I agree, I love how simple the site is to navigate. The author definitely recognizes that fashion is visual, and doesn’t try to clutter up the blog with lengthy captions, write-ups, etc. (Maybe that’s not something I’m supposed to comment on a Writing blog, but still true!) She says just enough at the end of her posts to explain what’s being used in the photos without over-doing it.
    I’m glad you mentioned the Music tab, because I never knew that was on there. It definitely works for her blog too–she notices that, since she is emphasizing the art side of fashion, pairing it with music will show what sounds that art may inspire, whilst broadening her scope along the way. I’m glad you wrote about it–thanks!

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