A Complicated Character

Writing is selfish. In writing an author says. “this blank space is mine to fill up. Mine to dirty.” In writing an author says, “here, let me post up my thoughts for anyone to see. My thoughts are important, my ideas need to be set free.” Writing is needy. it is for the hungry people looking to be filled up. Yet writing is for the generous. For those who seek to share, to contribute, to collaborate, to give. Writing is ambitious, for those who are reaching for something far out in the distance. Writing is content, for those who want nothing to do with the world beyond their walls. Writing is filled with anger and hate, with joy and love, with pride and with shame. Writing is complex.

Writing is not simple



3 thoughts to “A Complicated Character”

  1. Maya,

    Woah, this is intense. While I do not know exactly what your assignment was, as our cohort section did not have this assignment, from this short piece of writing I have been able to take away your personal definition of writing.

    I never thought of writing as a selfish process, but you present an interesting perspective on that. I usually see it as more of a collaborative process, one where you’re putting your thoughts out there for other people to think about and contribute to.

    Your closing thought is interesting, and I would love to hear you expand on it more. Is writing complicated because of the two opposing functions you describe in the paragraph above? Or does writing come with challenges unique to you?

  2. What was most intriguing to me is when you define writing as when an author says “this blank space is mine to dirty.” I had never thought of that before. Much of your post has a negative connotation which I think was intended with love. I liked getting a feel for your perspective.

  3. As somebody who just wrote a blog post ranting about how nonsensical group essay-writing is, I could not agree more with the sentiment behind ‘Writing is selfish. In writing an author says. “this blank space is mine to fill up. Mine to dirty.’ At least for me, writing is all about me. My style. My opinions. I think you portrayed the inherently personal nature of writing well in this piece; I found it very powerful and I’m pleasantly surprised that it related to the blog I just wrote.

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