A Grateful Mindset

Sometimes when I hear a new project prompt I get excited as an idea immediately pops into my head and I think of an infinite  amount of ways to knock it out of the park.  I pretty much feel like the Babe Ruth of project ideas in that moment.

Other times I find myself sitting dumbfounded in front of a blank word document telling myself, “Okay, Amanda, just write something.”

For “Project 2 – Repurposing an Argument” I interestingly found myself somewhere in between these two extremes.  I immediately knew what pieces of writing I wanted to use and what my theme was going to be.  The issue was that I could not make up my mind as to what avenue would be best for presenting the information.  In fact, I still feel a little lost.

These are the two pieces of writing I am working with:

  1. The first piece consists of various journal entries I wrote reflecting back on childhood experiences that I am grateful for.  These experiences range from a time I got into an accident to reflecting on a holiday with my family.
  2. The second piece is very different since it is a series of letters that I wrote.  Some were written with the intent of thanking those close to me.  Others were written in a more apologetic tone; something I have discovered through gratitude is that addressing the “bad” only benefits in the long run since you are able to focus more on the good times in the future.  In my experience, I have learned that no one really likes to hold a grudge.  Unless you’re the Grinch.  But even his heart grew by the end of the movie – see, gratitude can help! (Perfect segue into Amanda talking endlessly about the health benefits of gratitude).

My goal is to turn these pieces into a magazine article for The New Yorker through the genre, new journalism.  The intended audience is for college students, but I honestly believe that this article will end up being applicable to people of all ages.  I have chosen this specific mode because it will allow me to add personal narrative to my informative article.

In my opinion, adding personal experience to research on this topic is the best way of combining my two pieces of writing.  I am interested to see what I discover through my research, but I know that I want to focus on things such as lifespan, happiness, and the impact of being grateful on those around you.

Gratitude is important and I want to share this with others because learning to be a grateful spirit early in life can only help in the long run.


The following link is to my project proposal.  Please feel free to leave feedback!

Amanda Kemmer’s Repurposing Project Proposal

Amanda Kemmer

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