A moment of gratitude

I have been inspired by Shelly’s “it takes a village” prompt. As I begin constructing my ePortfolio, I am in total awe of how many people have been involved in my writing and professional development.

As I pull together the various written components, I can see just how many professors and instructors have contributed to this final body of work from my college career. I can look back on the revision processes and remember conversations about how to make these pieces even better. Each prompt and course is different, but I feel incredibly grateful that each teacher I have had in these writing courses inspired me to try new things and push myself to become a better writer. How many students across the country can say that?

Beyond classroom instructors, there are many other people who have helped me to this point: internship supervisors and co-workers, classmates, family, friends, and strangers. As I think about how to add reflection into my ePortfolio, I am reminded that every piece of writing could have an accompanying story just about how I got to the final production of that piece! And those stories would often be about those important people in my life.

Do y’all feel similarly? I might break out the “thank you” cards at the end of the semester for those special people who have played a role in helping me to have an ePortfolio I can be proud of.

2 thoughts to “A moment of gratitude”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Sending a “thank you” note or essay to a professor, GSI, or old classmate who has impacted your writing in some way and might not even realize it could be a great addition to your capstone project bucket list and a fun way to connect the bucket list to your time in the minor. Just a thought!

  2. I think the thank you card idea is awesome, I may just have to borrow it! It is actually pretty crazy to think back upon the teachers who taught you the alphabet, taught you how to string together sentences and paragraphs, taught you how to write essays, and taught you that you didn’t HAVE to write essays that way. Plus, when you take into consideration peer review, tutors, family members, etc. it really does become a giant web of support. I think a little gratitude for these people is definitely in order 🙂


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