Am I funny yet?

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Sneak Peek of My Dad as a Comic Character

I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start on my project 2. I have, in fact, decided to go with the comic strip idea. So far, I’ve created about four comic strips with my dad as the main character (an ordinary hero). The general idea of all the the strips is that I am basically making fun of the fact that my dad has to deal with raising three girls. As the only male in a houseful of women, my sisters, mother and I also make the joke, “poor dad.” So I figure this project would be a good way to show my dad, in a comical way, that we really do appreciate all the things he does for us.

As far as things I am worried about and questions I have…

First of all, I am worried that the content of the comics won’t be funny to my readers because they aren’t in my position. Also, I’m not sure how many different comic strips I should make in total.

Second, I am writing a piece to go along with the comics that sort of explains my idea (as I did above) and I’m not sure exactly what I should and shouldn’t include in that additional piece.

One thought to “Am I funny yet?”

  1. Hey Meghan,

    Your project sounds really awesome. I wish I got to see your final outcome, because I absolutely love comic strips. As to your worries/questions, I wanted to try to help out and give suggestions.

    I think if you’re worried about people not finding your comics funny because they aren’t in your situation, try to make it somewhat universal. What’s something that all dads with daughters would have to deal with? Pulling clumps of hair out of the drain? Screaming matches? Bouts of random tears? Ask around if you need some ideas. Getting others’ opinions has always helped me, and it’s great to get a new perspective on a project you’re attached to or very involved in.

    As for the number of strips, I say you have to go with your gut. How many do you think will get your point across, that you’re showing your dad that you appreciate all that he has to deal with? If I had to choose, I would say more than 4 but less than 10; something to give enough idea about what the point of the comics are together but also not so many that it’s burdensome.

    With the explanatory piece, maybe you could frame it as a story. “Dad has to deal with life with four women. What does that entail, you may wonder. Read on to see the adventures and perils that Dad must face daily.” Not my best work, but you get the idea. Good luck with this; I’d really love to see the final outcome!

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