Capstone Project & Accountability

October is coming and going before we know it and I have a feeling that the end of the semester might creep up on us. So with that line of thinking, it should be natural that I’m a bit concerned that with other midterms and assignments both in and out of the minor, I haven’t had a chance to make any progress with my Capstone project. I mean any progress. Not even research. When I decided to check in with my production plan deadline I originally created, to say I was behind would be an understatement. While, nobody should ever doubt the amount of work a college student can catch up on when a deadline is near- I definitely don’t want to let this project get away from me.

First, we are all excited about our capstones and when we share ideas we are obviously passionate about learning something about ourselves and the topic we have chosen. It would be so frustrating to me if I handed this in at the end of the semester and it didn’t represent the best I could’ve done. I have to try.

So, I decided- what is the best way to make sure that I actually get the ball rolling on this project? I decided to create a new “production plan” in the form of a to-do list, where the deadlines aren’t as overwhelming to look at when I haven’t done them yet, but better lays out more specific tasks for me to slowly check off and accomplish.

Why should you care that I’m writing any of this? Part of this post is for me. If I say that I’m thinking and trying to work on my capstone and it is October 22, then it better not be November 22 by the next time I work on it. This post is holding me accountable to start checking things off my list- publicly. This idea is also one I wanted to share so that if anyone else needed a little boost, a way to hold themselves accountable towards getting the project done then they can feel free to do the same!

Photo-Capstone Project To Do List

Jessica Golden

My name is Jessica Golden and I am an East Coast girl currently stuck in the snowy Midwest at the University of Michigan. I am now a student at Michigan due to tearing my ACL the week before my soccer recruitment and picking a college at whim, but so far it has worked out. I have two older sisters who live in New York City just like I plan too. Living on Long Island for my whole life has been like a bubble, and with no broken bones, no pets and no walks down a red carpet, I definitely feel ready to be a sponge, soak up life and do whatever comes along. Although I have never experienced typical things, like learning to ride a bike or attend sleep away camp, I enjoy finding the weird things in my life and embracing it all. I have lived in a hotel for 7 months (which is nothing like TV makes it seem), am on a quest to spend a day in all 50 states (current count is 26) and managed to sprain my ankle while climbing the Vatican in Rome. While my world is slowly expanding in Ann Arbor, my eyes are still set on returning to the big apple one day and changing the world (for the better) one lawsuit or public policy at a time!

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