Capstone project overview

My project consist of a couple different parts.  My first part will be a research paper in which I would be research gendered advertising.  I will be researching what makes something gendered and the motivations behind using gendered advertisements. Along with this research paper I will be taking a campaign that is gendered and analyzing it as part of the paper as well.  For the second part of my project I will be doing a concept board for an advertising campaign of my own, which will avoid the gendered aspects that I have in my research paper and analysis.  I believe that this project will help me to learn more about he industry that I am attempting to join and also help me learn more about the reasons behind using certain aspects of advertising to your advantage.

Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

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