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So, I am able to really think about my decisions in blogging while writing my repurposing project. I am excited because I have been thinking about maybe after this class and creating an e-portfolio, that I will use that then as my own personal blog. And now I’m like ¬†WOAH, I know exactly what my “theme” and first blog would be– my repurposing project. Ideally, this project is about leadership. Throughout my life I have endured a lot of different leadership roles (and leadership conferences, ranches, day-long events, etc. you name it, I’ve done it). Also, through college athletics, I have been able to continue my leadership roles. With the combination of my own personal experience and this AWESOME writing class, I have decided to write my repurpose piece about a leadership in sports blog. This will then set the precedent of my e-portfolio, my personal blog, and the rest of my theme.

I am really excited to create my own personal blog because I can continue my writing and finding my voice. This is one thing that I have talked with Naomi a lot about. Because I am so use to writing the “studious” argumentative essays, I have not been able to find my own voice in this unique writing that Writing 220 offers. Therefore, I am declaring right now that I will be writing my own personal blogs by the start of 2015. I will definitely create some achievable goals for this task, so stick with me and you will be able to come along for the ride in the life of Emily Sejna soon enough.

Emily Sejna

I LOVE pizza, Michigan, and cold weather.

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