Early Repurposing Project Progress

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my repurposing project, I am going to be revisiting an essay I wrote for my AP English class in highschool about my pre game ritual before hockey games. That ritual was an all day affair, starting from the moment I woke up, until only minutes before game time. For those who are unfamiliar, a brief list of common superstitions for hockey players can be found here. I want to repurpose my original essay into one or more newspaper/magazine article(s), that will include¬†interviews with¬†friends who have played hockey about their own pre game routines. I am also trying to exploit any connections I have with the hockey team here on campus to try and interview players about their rituals. If anyone has connections to the team that they would be willing to pass on I would certainly appreciate it.

The reason I decided to pick this piece was because of my interest in the sport. I’ve been playing ever since I could walk, albeit at a more casual level of competition now, and am a huge college(UofM) and NHL(Blackhawks) fan. Because my essay is all about my ritual, I thought that I could further the argument by expanding the discussion to include unifying and differing traits for hockey players as a whole. I also want to see if I can find rituals used by successful players and those used by less than successful players, maybe making a connection between success and particular rituals. A few famous players superstitions can be found here, but I want to find a more comprehensive list, if possible. A few questions I might ask you the reader include; What other outcomes/situations/variables in general could I relate to superstitions? Do you think I should write a few different, shorter, newspaper-like articles? Or one longer, magazine-like article? Are there sources of information other than player interviews that I could realistically hope to obtain?

Quinn Skalka

Junior studying EEB and writing. Originally from Battle Creek, the cereal capital of the world. Chicago sports fan. Enjoy longboarding, ultimate frisbee, and reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy series.

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  1. This looks like a very interesting topic. I think one of the more fascinating facets of this topic is your ability to make it both personal and relevant to a larger group. This clearly is something you have experience with as an individual but your links and media show your wide variety of understanding that these pre-game rituals are also something that others engage in as well. This dynamic of mixing the personal and public sphere will definitely make for an interesting piece.

    To answer one of your questions, I think this could be an interesting article when written as a longer piece for a magazine. By doing it this way instead of splitting it up into several pieces, I think that the audience would be able to grasp the larger and more private aspects of this topic for you. For me, I could more easily see this being a cohesive piece if you were to do it in this style.

  2. This sounds like a great idea. I know all about having superstitions before sporting events because that’s something I did for years when I played baseball. I still have some of those superstitions today, which range from wearing the same baseball cap when we were winning to changing whatever position I’m the team I care about is not doing well during the game. If you want to know other outcomes or variables you can relate to superstitions, you could talk about wearing a specific jersey if that player is playing well, or if you want something that isn’t related to sports, you can talk about some superstitions people have to do well on their exams.

    As far as what you would like to write, I recommend doing this in a magazine style article. It let’s you go longer and write a slightly less formal paper. The topic seems like something you might want to do some in depth writing on, and it would be better to me if it is a longer article and not a group of articles. Finally since this is about superstitions, you could talk to some of the students on campus about their personal superstitions as well as athletes.

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