“Free Paper Help”

So, currently in my BA class we are working on a big written project.

18-22 pages?  Oh, awesome.  No biggie, right?

It is very stressful, to say the least.  But at least it is a group project.  The reason I thought of this writing project immediately was because other than Writing 220, my BA class is the only other class I have been doing writing for this semester.

That’s why I really love that I have Writing 220 and BA as outlets for my creative side; it is a nice break from my other business classes that are more math and concept based.

I find it funny to compare writing in a business setting to the Minor in Writing setting. First of all, as soon as I was assigned my group for the BA project our conversation went something like this:

“What are everyone’s strengths for the upcoming project?  This will help us to delegate the upcoming workload.”

“Oh – Amanda you are in the Minor in Writing?!  Perfect.  You will be the one who holds the team up then.”

I find that this has been the case in a variety of instances at Ross.  The amount of times I have had fellow classmates come up to me asking me to look over their resumes or an email they are about to send because they know I am in the minor is too many to count.

Apparently, being in the Minor in Writing is equivalent to having a giant sign on my forehead saying “Free Paper Help.”

All I need is a machine spitting out waiting numbers (like at the secretary of state or grocery store) and I am good to go.

In the minor, I find my writing constantly challenged by those surrounding me.  This has been great.  I see what others are doing and it encourages me to take more risks as I see the positive payoffs.  Especially with the Repurposing projects – I keep hearing all of these great ideas and it makes me more encouraged to make my own piece more different.

So, as you can see, I am definitely getting the best of both worlds being in the minor and also being a business student.  I have an outlet for research through case studies of businesses I am interested in through my BA class; this allows me to take on a serious voice in the writing and work on a professional tone.  Yet, I also have the minor, which allows me to work on my voice in addition to my professional voice.

It is interesting to see the overlap of the two.  I find my more creative side showing through in my business writing which oftentimes makes for an interesting additional argument. Also, I find the more concise formatting of business-type papers oftentimes prevailing in a lot of my Writing 220 work.

Now all I need is to get these 22 pages over with.  Wish me luck!

22 pages later
22 pages later

Amanda Kemmer

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