Getting My Life Together

Actual photo of where my project is at right now.

Amongst the unrelenting madness that is this week of midterms — I’m going to be straight with you — I have not thought about Project 2. Last week I was on top of it; I held five audio interviews, two formal, three informal, for my article. However, these files are currently chilling in the My Documents folder and have not listened to / transcribed / evaluated them at all since they were recorded. It’s on my list.

But that’s okay! I think the next step I need to take would be to listen to the interviews again, note common threads or trends, and — would you believe it? — actually start writing this article. Because. after countless┬ádisplays of procrastination, I have learned that starting something usually helps get it done.

Right now, one of my concerns is developing my voice for the piece. I’m trying to imitate an Op-Ed article, so I will be able to implement my own thoughts and utilize the first person, but still am not sure how formal to make this. Also, I think the style norms of journalistic writing may be freaking me out a little; I need to convince myself to just get a first draft done and go from there.

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