Sorry for being late on this post, but blog posts that I find compelling generally don’t overwhelm a user with words. If I want to read lots of words, there are plenty of other mediums to go to instead of a blog.

For example, a sports blog: I want this blogs to have pictures and gifs of certain plays, coverage breakdowns or funny moments because a picture of gif can speak for 1000 words, right? It’s easier for the viewer to understand the context with a picture and gif. does this perfectly. They found the right balance of word-to-picture/ratio. I think you’ll agree.

Jason Rubinstein

A half-Argentinean sports writer for The Michigan Daily. Previous intern at the New York Daily News. Siracha sauce enthusiast. Avid Chicago Sports fan. Once turned down a bid from AEPi.

3 thoughts to “GIFS/PICS”

  1. Jason,

    I definitely agree–a picture is worth a thousand words. But as an auditory learner, I love having words to go with pictures. I think a well-written caption or description of artwork enhances every picture. I also like that you kept your post short; the shorter the post is, the more compelled I am to stay engaged throughout all of it.

  2. Jason-
    Similar to what Emily said, I loved how your blog reflected the type of blog post that you generally are interested in reading: one that is short and concise. For your specific example, I agree that pictures are very helpful. People recognize plays in sports, players, coaches, etc. and these are all very visual things. So, by keeping it concise and having lots of graphics, helps the reader to relate to the topic in an effective way.

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