It is…

Writing is sort of, maybe

almost, just about, like, nearly

kind of awesome.

It can be fun for some,

torture for others, relief for most

or absolutely mundane for those who do it often.

Or it could be refreshing


a glass of cold ice water. Writing is.

It is not almost, maybe, just about,

like, nearly, kind of anything.

It is

relief, religion, right,

wrong, ugly, beauty solace,



3 thoughts to “It is…”

  1. Hi Ayana – I remember your piece from class, and it really stood out to me. Your choice of words really utilizes vowel sounds, such as in “relief, religion, right, wrong” which is, later, paired with “articulation.” I love that. Also, your use of “sort of, maybe” etc. really captures what it’s like to describe writing. To a lot of us, it’s something we do but never really talk about why we do it; you perfectly describe this feeling. Great work!

  2. Hello Ayana,

    This is a really really cool poem. It was super unique from how you used phrases like “It is not almost, maybe, just about, like, nearly, kind of anything” because it seemed like you, as the author, was saying these words out loud to your audience. I do not know you but I was envisioning someone reading this out to me. Your final line of “It is relief, religion, right, wrong, ugly, beauty solace, articulation” was very very powerful. It definitely stuck out to me the most because although writing is an expression of our thoughts, etc you explored and defined it more in a unique way. This was a wonderful poem to read and I am looking forward to reading more poems from your class.

  3. Ayana –
    Similar to Emily, I felt as though someone was reading this to me. It made your piece extremely engaging. Your language gave it a conversational tone; your play on words gave the piece a fun and interesting twist. For instance, I liked how you used rhyming in the line “It can be fun for some”. This style emphasized what you were saying in the text which made me smile as I read it. It definitely let your voice shine through! Overall, great job with this piece!

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