As I am sitting down trying to brainstorm more ideas to my re-purpose topic, I keep hitting a wall. I cannot stop thinking about how to approach my topic, leadership, like I did in my freshmen year english 125 class. I wrote an argumentative essay about what three qualities are needed for an effective leader. Now, (with the help from Sophie) I decided to approach my topic of leadership through writing for an sports magazine opinion editorial. That way, I can add in my own personal experiences of being on a division one college team along with my research aspect from my english class two years ago. I need to over come this wall of ‘writers block’ because I have to step out of my comfort zone (of writing argumentative/comm papers) and approach writing in my own unique way. Maybe my writer’s block is coming from me trying to start out with the introduction– I don’t have to start with my introduction, but that is what I am use to…. so its like C’MON EMILY, let’s move on (but that’s so easy, and why chose the easy side). As you read this post, I kid you not that I am telling you the dialogue I have with myself (plus or minus some swear words to myself as well)

Now, I am trying to use the qualities that I believe in and present this within my Op Ed with my own personal experiences. I am excited to tie in my experiences on my team with my leadership qualities and research. I do believe that it will help out and be easier to write my paper now with the narrow scope of sports. I am hoping that I can get my point across well, while gaining trust from  my audience of the readers believing in what I am sharing/telling.

One question I have is to how to engage my writers? I do not want to sound repetitive but I do want to “drill” in my thoughts and ideas. Do I include “all-star” leaders within the nation and how they display leadership if it ties into my three qualities? I started to causally look into different leaders in sports (like Michael Jordan, Derek Jetter, etc). Check it out here.


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  1. I think you should analyze anecdotes to engage your readers. I really appreciate a good story within a paper, and I’m sure that your readers will too. Have these stories be examples of different leadership qualities you plan to explore in your paper. You could have all the anecdotes connect and be a part of one larger story, or you could have all the anecdotes be separate and examples of all different types of leadership.

    As for writers block, I feel it too. What I have found helpful is outlining before I write. It’s still difficult, but makes the process seem a little less daunting because you have a clear roadmap of where you’re going. From what I have heard you describe in blog groups, your paper sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to read your first draft in class on Thursday!

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