My Capstone Project Is…

A fictional short story!


It revolves around a high school soccer team and an collision that lands the goalkeeper, Jackson, in a comma during the semi-final state championship game. The story is not really about Jackson or his recovery, but rather about the way it affects the two most important people in his life: his best friend on the team, Nathan, and his mom (name TBD). The story explores the controlling power of sports which leaves the characters confused, frustrated, and desperate to understand why they love the sport so much and keep going back to it even though it’s the reason for the horrible injury and their sadness.

That, I realize, was quite a dramatic description. But dramatic is what I’m going for, so now the only issue will be translating all of these powerful struggles and messages I have in my head into a genre I am completely unfamiliar with. I’ve never been a huge reader and certainly never written fiction so this project choice is definitely a stretch for me. Yet at the same time, I realize that at this point in my life it’s up to me to push myself to explore new genres of writing. English 325 was a huge turning point  in terms of writing something besides academic assignments like research papers or critical analyses so I hope that a fictional story will be the perfect cap to this new appreciation and exploration of creative writing.

In terms of a model, I’ve been looking into anthologies like “Sports Best Short Stories” but still don’t feel like I’ve landed exactly on the model I’m looking for. Anyone have any thoughts?

Overall I’m certainly “dreaming big” with this project. In reality… I have no idea how close to my original vision it will actually be. I’ve already learned that there are many intricacies to short stories that make them very different than a novel or tv show, which is where I originally drew much of my inspiration. So, if anyone likes to write short stories and has experience with fiction writing I’d love to hear from you about any strategies (early planning, plot and character creation, drafting, revising, etc) you’ve used!

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  1. Hi Jamie!

    After reading your first draft, this is coming together really well. Have you found a model that is working for you yet? If not, you wrote a great first draft without a model! I don’t write short stories, but I do think character creation in a short story is equally important and challenging. It’s tough because you don’t have a lot of space to develop a character like you do with a movie, but you do need to make the characters believable for the people reading the story. You do this well with Jax in your essay, and could get more into Alice and Nathan’s characters as the story goes on, especially because they seem to be the main focus.

    Best of luck, girl!

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