Newsflash! You’re a stakeholder

As a business major, what I find really engaging and compelling about corporate social responsibility might not appeal to others in the same way. I anticipate this being a challenge for me throughout the repurposing project. For my project, I’m repurposing a reflective narrative about community service into more of a research paper about corporate social responsibility and the changing role of business overtime. I don’t want my paper to be well-written, but boring. I don’t want my paper to appeal to only those interested business. I want my paper to be thought-provoking and relatable for people of all backgrounds!

You might wonder how I plan to do this. You might wonder how I plan to engage all readers in a research paper that’s about the nature of a changing business phenomena. Initially, I also doubted my abilities, but then… I realized something. I realized that everyone in the entire world is a stakeholder in one business or another. Yes, even you. Do you buy things? Do you eat at restaurants? Do you store money in the bank? Do you have a WordPress account? Well congratulations, that makes you a consumer

Changing role of business
The modern corporation is technologically advanced, globally integrated, and impacts your life.

Now that you know you’re a consumer, and by extent a stakeholder in various businesses, are you instantly more interested in corporate social responsibility? No? What about the changing role of business over time? Still no? Fine. Challenge accepted. After reading my final draft of the repurposing project, you will be interested. The way I frame historical content, statistical evidence, and business phenomena will draw you in. You won’t only be compelled to keep reading, line after line, but you will also be left contemplating your personal opinions on the role of business.

I decided to write about corporate social responsibility and the changing role of businesses after reflecting on a speaker’s discussion of the topic in one of my BA 200 lectures. Today, businesses are insurmountable. Like it or not, they have an effect on everyone. This is why I am accepting the challenge to write a research paper that appeals to the masses on this topic.

…but first, can you help me sort a few things out?

1. I’m still unsure about what platform to use. I want the platform to reach a wide range of people, but also be a platform that publishes lengthier pieces. Any ideas?

2. Another thing I am unsure of is the use of “I” and “you” in my paper. I’ve been debating interrupting the points I make and using a more colloquial voice to make sure that the point is clear. I worry this is too informal.  What do you think? Do you have any alternative suggestions?

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  1. So…. congrats if you want to make a well written yet boring paper, I feel like you might succeed here. I will admit I’m not that interested in reading about how I am a consumer or how I can more socially responsible, but who knows, maybe I will care if I ever get the chance to read your next paper.

    As to answering your questions: I almost feel as though one is more contingent on the other. You must find the right platform for this paper, and since it’s a research paper that means that it could get placed in a business journal or some other research publication. It seems as though you really want this to be an in depth, formal paper that proves a point you want to make, which means that you also will want to avoid an informal tone. If this is the case then the words “I” and “you” should be avoided.

    However, if you are ok with the paper being less formal, another place you could publish this is a business magazine like Bloomberg or Money magazine. This would still let you give the in depth research you are trying to achieve while possibly being a tad bit less formal, which I feel may let you connect with your audience a lot more. If you choose to go this route, you will be able to use “I” and “you” more in your paper. However, I feel like neither will be used as much because your main topic and focus shouldn’t be “I” or “you”, but it should be “the consumer”

  2. Lia,

    As someone who has never had any interest in anything business related, I can honestly say that already I am drawn in by just your outline. You are clearly so passionate about the idea of corporate responsibility, further convincing your readers that they too should be passionate about this subject because it very much effects their life. The sentences you put in bold made it very clear that your piece is going to be far from boring!

    As far as choosing a platform goes, you definitely need one that reaches a large audience. For this reason I think that it could either be placed in a New York Times Editorial, or maybe a TIME magazine editorial (the platform that I am using), because both cover a wide range of topics and you would be afforded the length that you require.

    In terms of using “you” or “I” or other forms of colloquial language, not only do I think this is appropriate but I think that it is important if you are trying to reach a wider audience to speak of these complicated statistics and data in a way that is accessible to the average adult reader, with no background in business.

    I am really looking forward to your final project, you are off to a great start!

  3. WOW. I feel like you were just trying to sell something to me. First off, you provided great links and appropriate media (the picture). If i didn’t know that you were my classmate… I definitely would’ve thought you were a published blogger of some sort. Secondly, I definitely like that you are using an idea from one of your other classes that interest you. As we talked last week, I was really curious as to how important it is to companies about their commitment to community service. I am excited to edit your paper to see how you write about this significance. Also, I am excited to read a “boring” piece. I kept re-reading that part because I was like what?!?! Her purpose is that? But hey, if that is a goal, why not try that while you can in this class! Naomi is always talking about thinking outside the box and I believe that you definitely found that.

    My thoughts about your questions:
    1) maybe you can pretend you are the CEO/president of your company and approach this topic like a speech. You can approach it like you are talking at a company meeting that talks about the year and what needs to be improved/explaining why the company does what they do.
    2) If you use a type of writing piece that you want to get published, I definitely do not think you should use “I” or “you”. I would talk about it in third person referring to the company.

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