Portfolio By Katie, Mapped Out On Paper

After locking myself in the stacks, I have come up with my capstone portfolio map on paper. I’m going to try and use WordPress. I use this platform for my personal blog and I am leaning towards keeping them really similar in format and color scheme so my work has a sort of “brand.”

Navigation Format

It was easiest for me to use sticky notes. I like having a header in the top third of the page for ease of use, so I think I’ll stick with this for my Capstone portfolio.

Home Page
Home Page

I want to separate my work into “left brain” and “right brain” sections. This will require some explanation on the landing page of my portfolio. The left brain work will be more career oriented, while my right brain work will be a bit more expressive. Part of my writing development has been learning how my favorite projects involve my right and left brain, and this is where I’ll explain how to find pieces of each in all my work on the portfolio…that may not be the best visual, pieces of brain 🙂

“Why I Write” Page

This is my writing project from the Gateway. It is where I originally came up with the left-brain/right-brain concept and combines both of these pretty well. I believe it shows evidence of multimodal composition to further specific rhetorical aims.

“About” Section Landing Page

This page will feature a bit more about myself in terms of my goals, both professionally and personally. I am hoping to use pictures and short vignettes about my experiences…we’ll see! One of these could correspond to my resume, and another to my developmental essay.

“Development Essay” Page

This will be the page for my developmental essay, with some reflective writing attached.

“Resume and Contact” Page

This will include links to the websites for the places I’ve worked. I’ll also add a button to my LinkedIn page for people to contact me through, as well as my email.

“Left Brain” Landing Page

This will include some reflective writing to introduce my Capstone project, research paper, and PSIP work and how the three intersect.

Capstone Project Page

This will show evidence of research and will be presented in a format similar to how the current State of the Union transcripts are listed on the White House Press website.

Research Paper Page

This research paper was completed during my internship in Washington, D.C. There will be some reflective writing to introduce it. This paper definitely shows evidence of research employed to deepen and complicate academic work.

PSIP Work Page

I love this job. It’s my campus job and I get to do a lot of work with Prezi and social media. I want this page to really incorporate some  right brain elements in it’s presentation…I am still looking into how to do this. Suggestions?

“Right Brain” Landing Page

This will have some reflecting writing as well introducing the two pieces.

Personal Blog Page

My blog has been a great place for me to keep up with my short term goals and a fun way to express myself outside of the classroom. I want to include it in the portfolio because I think it shows my lighthearted side.

325 Essay Page

This piece is definitely reflective. It’s an essay about how I struggled with anxiety…how ironic that I’m nervous to include it. I think I want to go for it though. I want my portfolio to capture the whole essence of my writing career in the minor, not just academically driven projects.

(ignore the fact that it says “samples from blog” as I forgot to remove the sticky note before I took the picture!)

P.S. I worked on adding the pages on my site: portfoliobykatie.wordpress.com. I had to move the “Why I Write” page over to the “About” tab but I feel it fits pretty well there. Now onto drafting out my capstone and editing my developmental essay!

Katie Koziara

During the school year, I can usually be found doing a few things: studying domestic health policy, working as a student coordinator for the Public Service Intern Program, exploring different restaurants around Ann Arbor, running my regular loop around the Big House, or catching up on one of my many, many favorite television shows.

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