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For the Gateway class, I harnessed some ambition (past tense is key here) and decided to design and hand-code (sort of, with HTML/CSS a lot of the standards are already set in stone and it’s more like aggregating pieces together than reinventing the wheel) my portfolio. This turned out to be way more work than I’d anticipated, so this time around I think I’m going to focus more on the content and use a WordPress theme.

My Gateway portfolio has a super minimal design, which I think suits me and my writing well. My main throughline there was a focus on writing as a way for me to make sense of all my thoughts, and though some pieces may seem disjointed at first, they all made me stretch my brain and interpret familiar subjects in a new way. For my capstone, I’m going with a similar theme, this time focusing on my writing as a process and a verb rather than a collection of pieces, something I wrote in my developmental essay that stuck with me. I also want to address my gravitation (in both my major and writing minor) toward creating things from scratch, and how I wanted to come out of college with tangible evidence of my learning (in the form of many, many CS and writing projects) rather than just focusing on absorbing material already spelled out for me. I’m not quite sure how these concepts will translate to my portfolio as a composition (it seems kind of meta?), but I guess everything here is an iterative process, and I trust things will come together in the end (this has been my mantra this semester but so far I’m more talk than anything to be honest… woo senioritis).

My early thoughts on structure – my portfolio will probably stick to a fairly standard theme with a navigation bar on top, with tabs for my Developmental Essay, Capstone Project (which will have a table of contents and the ability to navigate between individual essays), and a dropdown for earlier writing. I’m planning on including an introduction on the first page to explain my portfolio concept, and some reflective material before each individual piece to provide some context for the reader.

Margot Kriete

Hi! My name's Margot. I study computer science, have super long arms, never skip breakfast, and will probably become a German shepherd lady (as opposed to those "cat ladies") when I grow up. I like to cook, read, run, change my mind, and write.

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  1. I really like your idea of keeping the portfolio fairly minimal. My gateway portfolio definitely didn’t follow this format and I am hoping my capstone portfolio will achieve what I want it to without the clutter of different fonts and colors, etc.

    As for your concept of creating something and having tangible evidence of learning, you picked the right major and minor for that 🙂 I think your portfolio sounds awesome so far and I can’t wait to see how the creation of the capstone portfolio mimics other pieces you’ve created for CS and writing courses. One question, will the portfolio be geared towards the evaluators, specifically, or will it have a more general audience?

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