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Hello All,

I am writing today with a concern I have for my project 2. For those who I haven’t already spoke with, I am targeting Rolling Stone Magazine to publish a short article I am writing about Rock and Roll History Mid 1900s-early 2000s) and the appreciation that is very common, even in my generation. The main attraction to the article is a lyric sheet: I have rewritten the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire,” to reference historic figures/songs/events in Rock history while simultaneously communicating a sense of appreciation for the rich history. My only concern is that the lyric sheet will be ineffective, stripped from the audio/tunes that people know so well. Do you think the project would be well received without an audio version? Or should I attempt a garage band recording (Don’t worry, I’m not tone deaf)? Besides the song itself, the article will consist of an introduction and conclusion to help describe the design and impact of the project.


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  1. Hi Will,
    Wow, I love your idea to rewrite a song for this project. Most people don’t know this, but that kind of songwriting happens to be a secret talent of mine. In high school I wrote songs (aka changed the words to existing songs) for any project I could and I found that they’re really fun and “We Didn’t Start The Fire” is a great song to do it for. Knowing that some people might not fully get the total experience of your work if they somehow end up one syllable off in singing it to themselves (that was always an issue for me) I definitely think you should include an audio version, if you don’t get too much stage fright. Garageband could work, or you could make it a “video” and add the lyrics as the visual component. Not sure if that will make the nature of your project change as far as the requirements go.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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