Reinventing the Wheel (Or an Argument)

For our second project I have decided to revisit a paper I wrote for a political science class I took during my freshman year at the university. The class focused on the sports, politics, and society. The paper I am interested in working with discussed the idea that while most people perceive baseball as a pre-modern sport and football as a modern sport, there are many components of each sport that support the exact opposite conclusion. Using this as a starting point, I would like to take the argument a step further. While baseball is seen as a pre-modern sport, it is also frequently said to be declining in popularity, even to the point of no longer being America’s pastime. While this is a subjective statement, I want to research whether or not it has any validity and see what the primary causes are for this type of thinking. As a huge baseball and football fan I am excited at the thought of pursuing this and I think it would be a unique opportunity to do so.

Another piece of writing I considered working with was an academic essay about underlying causes of the 2008 financial crisis. However, as an economics major, I have ample opportunities to explore this idea and I feel as though I would get bored in the process of developing this idea.

2 thoughts to “Reinventing the Wheel (Or an Argument)”

  1. So I am sensing a theme here… I think it is safe to say that you like baseball. I think it’s great that you’ll be working with something you love – but I would like to hear more of how this approach to baseball is different than the first paper you wrote. Where would you publish this piece? How will you fill those gaps and bring it to the next level?

  2. Brendan, I love your enthusiasm for working with the framework of “baseball.” It seems to be something you are really passionate about, which will ultimately make your project great. However, I would consider some other avenues. What made baseball “America’s pastime” in the first place? Why is football not considered in this way?

    Finally, if you are passionate about economics, don’t throw out the topic just because you’ll have other opportunities to write about it. You always have the opportunity to write about any topic.

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