Some Early Capstone Portfolio Thoughts

At first I was considering┬árevising my gateway portfolio, but then I had a new idea to create a “vertically scrolling” or “long scrolling” website. I’m still not 100% sure if this idea will be effective or even work out, but here’s what I’m thinking:

My developmental essay unfolds in a very linear progression. I start in one place and point out many essays along the way that have step by step gotten me to who I am as a writer and who I aspire to be as a writer moving forward. As a result, I think that a vertically scrolling portfolio could work as an interesting way to guide my viewer through this development in the exact way I want them to. As the viewer scrolls the developmental essay would be split up as the introduction/reflection to the piece, then the piece would appear, then the next section of my developmental essay, and so on. Each “page” would be a different color as you scroll so there is at least a little something breaking up the otherwise constant scrolling.





In this vision, there would be no option to click around to different essays/pages out of order. The viewer would be forced to to walk through this journey as I present it. However, I wonder if as a viewer this would be annoying. Would your attention be kept until the end? Would you be willing to scroll through or would I lose viewers half way? I considered having buttons to skip to a different page, but this kind of defeats the whole purpose so I feel a bit torn. I would also need to figure out where the about me section would go. Right now it doesn’t really make sense to put it at the beginning or the end, so this is something I need to think about.

Anyone have thoughts or experiences with vertical websites? I’d love to hear them!


3 thoughts to “Some Early Capstone Portfolio Thoughts”

  1. Jamie, I think your scrolling idea is really cool, but I think since there is so much work being presented, the constant scrolling might turn off viewers a little bit. The colors are a good idea to break up the monotony, but I think it might still be a struggle for people who want to see a particular piece, rather than the whole thing. Just my opinion! It looks like you’ve got a good foundation going though for sure.

  2. Hi Jamie! I think I know what kind of scrolling websites you’re talking about, are these templates kind of what you’re thinking of?

    If so, I think they could actually work really well to visually correspond to a concept about a journey. I do agree with Kaitlin that forcing readers to scroll through everything might turn them off a bit, but you could also add some subtle buttons that could let them skip to different sections, but still stay on the same continuous page and visually remind them of the intentional ordering. And you could provide some sort of introduction to orient them, a “hey, I’d really like it if you read all this in order but if you really don’t want to, here are some buttons and you can navigate to each section individually.”
    Just my thoughts! This is a super cool idea though and I think you can make it work somehow!

    1. Thanks for the advice Margot and Kaitlin! The templates are exactly what I’m thinking of. The more I think about it, I definitely agree with you guys regarding the need for buttons. I’m thinking maybe I will have the buttons lined up vertically along the side of each page, so if the viewer jumps to a different page they will still know where in the progression of the “journey” they are.

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