Struggling in order to write

As I look back at my writings, I realize some of my strongest writing has emerged during hard times. Many of these writings were done in a time of adjustment or change, times where things seemed even a bit out of control. During these tumultuous times, my writing enabled me to regain some control of my situation and begin to understand my surroundings again. This theory about my writing, whether true or not, made me think about what may happen if I reached a comfortable time in my life with no real struggle. Would my writing simply stop? I hope this is not the case but it is certainly an idea that has begun to pervade how I think about my writing.


In an age of texting and a loss of real communication among peers, I value the written and spoken word more and more. To think that the lack of strife would be a reason I lose a connection to writing seems ironic. Another way to think about this issue is that all troubles and hardships are relative so it never truly goes away. Whether or not I am comfortable in a situation, I will always find something to write about. Furthermore, I can write when I am happy also. There is a certain strength and ability to hone in being able to write about happy times as well.

Anisha Nandi

I am a Communications and SAC double major pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. I am originally form New York but love being at U of M. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have always loved writing, especially creatively.

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