The Why Write? Manifesto

Writing is so much more than an academic requirement

Writing is powerful

It has the ability to inspire & transcend time

Writing is NOT pointless

It is challenging but that makes it rewarding

We write to express ourselves and our ideas

To teach others and explore new worlds

Writing is our light

Without it we are lost

2 thoughts to “The Why Write? Manifesto”

  1. Hi Brendan! I really enjoyed reading this post. When I first glanced at the screen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And surely I was not expecting each line to be a powerful statement about writing. But what surprised me even more was that I had a personal reaction to each line. My favorite line is “It is challenging but that makes it rewarding.” I really agree. Now that I’m a writing minor, I have this expectation for myself that writing should be easier. It’s not though. If anything, the more I learn about style and genre and tone, the harder writing becomes. But I’m also finding writing more meaningful, or as you put it “rewarding”. It’s rewarding to see elements of writing come together into a cohesive piece.

  2. Hello B!!

    You always have a way with words. This is really cool to read because I know that you are a very good writer. Lia is in my blog group and so I came across your poem. I really enjoyed reading this. Up until declaring my minor as writing, I would have disagreed with your poem– “Writing is so much more than an academic requirement”. Until engaging in my writing class, I never really gave writing a thought outside of writing papers for classes. However, now through my exploration in this class, I have completely changed 180 degrees on my thoughts about writing and loved how you stated “We write to express ourselves and our ideas” which is how I defined writing while exploring it in class.

    Keep up your work!

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