This might be harder than I thought

Well, well project two. Don’t you seem daunting. When T told us we had to pick an old piece of writing to work with for the rest of the semester I was a little nervous about the pressure to pick a good piece. Coincidentally I was going home (to New Jersey, so pretty far) and would have access to my old laptop where anything I wrote before college would be. Honestly I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do this project properly if I didn’t happen to be going home for the Jewish holiday.

I have found a few pieces that I think could be good for this project, but I still don’t know, as in don’t have any real ideas at all, how I should repurpose them. T, I hope you can help me find some inspiration.

First is a paper I wrote senior year about the recurring themes of utopia in Kurt Vonnegut stories. I used two short stories and Slaughterhouse-5 as the basis for the essay and went on to explain humankind neglects to take easy steps to cure some of society’s problems and instead attempts to go to impossible lengths to achieve perfection. Perhaps I can explore this idea further using other stories about utopia, or write something about dystopia.

Next is a speech I wrote for a class I took freshman year at Michigan, with Maya actually, called “Great Speeches: Modern and Ancient”. In this class we studied classic great speeches including the Gettysburg Address among others. We would learn about the rhetorical techniques that made the speeches effective and then researched and wrote a 10-15 minute speech of our own and presented it. I wrote mine on why the legal drinking age should be lowered to 21. While I am very happy with how it turned out, because I wrote it as a speech rather than as a more formal essay, I think it could be perfect for this project. Perhaps I could argue the other side or present my original positionĀ as an infographic (though I know nothing about creating infographics).

Last but not least is a paper I wrote in high school about which character of Julius Caesar I thought was the strongest leader. It was written before I could consider myself a really strong writer and I just think I could’ve done a more thorough job with it.

I’d love some feedback, especially from T, on which of these ideas would be best for the project.

2 thoughts to “This might be harder than I thought”

  1. Julia,
    I think all of your ideas are definitely interesting! Some advice I have for you is this: I remember on the first day of small group discussions that you also brought up the idea of working with your piece on Kurt Vonnegut and I think that says something. It seems like that idea is something that is really sticking in your mind, since you brought it up again in this post. Maybe you could consider why this idea keeps coming back to you and hopefully that will help you narrow down your decision.

  2. Hi Julia, I personally love the first idea. That is not to say that the others aren’t good or anything. I love utopian/dystpoian stories. If you choose that option, I would like to suggest: 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World as research. The first two are by George Orwell, and the last one is Aldous Huxley. Of course these are just suggestions, and you may have already read them. Other than that I really think that the speech would be a great piece to work with. It gives you good options for re-purposing. You could recreate the speech as a piece meant to be read as opposed to heard. This would change a lot of the conventions you use in the piece. If you were going to do Julius Caesar, what exactly would you do?

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