Update on Project 2

Since my last official posting I have changed my direction on my project 2 a bit to reflect the fact that I am not really a fiction writer, nor do I want to be, and it would be immensely difficult and frustrating to have my first go at it be so time constrained. Keeping with my original theme of dystopian literature, I decided to instead write a fake piece for the online magazine, Slate, exploring why dystopian fiction has reemerged as so popular recently. I plan to interview a couple friends who enjoy the genre and look at some trends and other article. I will most likely argue that we are in a time where our generation feels the future of the planet is certainly at stake, and our interest in dystopias reflects our fear of the unknown, or something like that.

As I mentioned in my “Why I Write” paper, I am not a multiple drafts kind of girl. I generally will not sit down and write a word of a paper until I’m ready to write the entire thing. Therefore, there currently is no tangible “work in progress” and I am not really bothered by that. I have been making an effort to familiarize myself more with Slate so I can write in its tone and style, I have been researching the recent popularity of stories like  The Hunger Games and The Giver. Taking the idea from Sara Estes, I will probably try to use that website newsjack to make a cool looking Slate article.

Any suggestions of other things I should talk about in my article would be highly appreciated!

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