What are your favorite writing spots?

Hi everyone! I was hoping you could contribute down in the comments one or more public places you like to write on campus or in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area and maybe a sentence or two why. Bonus points for places students might not know about. The short-term plan is to post these to twitter/facebook regularly, and in the long-term they could be compiled into a map or webpage. Thanks for your help!


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Image: 1960’s Michigan League Cafeteria

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6 thoughts to “What are your favorite writing spots?”

  1. Well, I won’t get the bonus points for this, but I really like the Rackham reading rooms on the second floor. Quiet, old-world style, good light, mix of long tables and comfy chairs for different writing needs.

  2. Rackham is a gem on this campus! I also enjoy the rooms to the right and left of the Union entry. They are very quiet (unless someone is playing the piano) and convenient. But my absolute favorite place to write? My couch! Sometimes you need a cup of tea, a blanket, and a few hours to disappear into your writing. And if I get tired, I can take a quick nap!

  3. To move the discussion off campus, I particularly enjoy writing at RoosRoast Coffee. It’s quaint, quiet, and has the best latte in Ann Arbor. You’ll need a car—it’s a bit of a drive (1155 Rosewood St.)—but it’s definitely worth it!

  4. I don’t have a specific place to write, my favorite spot can be anywhere by the window and has sunlight. This setting can inspire me to think and write. Just an additional tip, I have read researches showing that the best place to write can be varied, but sticking with one spot and going back to the same spot to write, you can find surprise. And I would say the best place for writing is in the head that keeps thinking and organizing. 🙂

  5. My top 3 favorite places on campus to write are:
    1. 2nd floor Rackham alcoves
    2. Hatcher reference room
    3. The tables outside of the South U. Espresso Royale

    Like Naomi said, the 2nd floor of Rackham has an awesome old-timey feel, and the chairs are comfy. The alcoves are great because you can close the doors if you want to work in private. The reference room is my usual late night spot because it is open until 2am, and I like the open atmosphere the large room creates. Unfortunately, outside of Espresso is really only an option the first month or 2 of the semester, but having a coffee and people watching is a nice change of pace from being cooped up in a library.

  6. My favorite places to write are the Hatcher Graduate Library and the Law Library. I am someone who focuses better when it is quiet, and both of these are perfect for that! The graduate library has stacks (on the 3rd floor, I believe) and most of the study rooms have windows. These are definitely great for the more “secluded writer” type.

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