Write and Wrong

Writing isn’t just something we do, it is something we


Writing is often typing, but mostly


Writing is are and our; their, they’re and there; your and you’re.

Writing isn’t easy.

Writing with a purpose is not the same thing as writing for


Writing can express the truth.

Writing can hold lies.

Writing is full of rules, and full of writers with every intention of breaking them.

Writing is



Writing is: inspirational quotes.
writing is: inspirational quotes.



3 thoughts to “Write and Wrong”

  1. Sara,
    You did a fantastic job with this. In one way you address the meaning parts of writing but I love how you mention the little grammar rules we all worry about when writing. You are brave to admit we are all out there to break these rules.
    I also like the emphasis you put on feel, thinking, fun, and right. Those are the 4 most important things, it seems, to you.

  2. This post got me thinking of an activity we did at the start of the semester. Our class brainstormed a list answering the question “What is writing?” Our list was controversial. And conflicting. And multidimensional. I think your line “writing with a purpose is not the same as writing for fun” exemplifies how writing is multidimensional. There are so many types of writing. So many platforms, styles, genres, purposes…. They’re not all the same. And I think that’s kind of the essence of writing. I don’t know if that was your prompt for this post–to describe the essence of writing. But if it was, then good job! You nailed it.

  3. Sara,
    First and foremost, I LOVED your title. I am surprised that no one else commented on it! It is what initially interested me in reading more about your piece. The line that resonated the most with me was “writing isn’t just something we do, it is something we feel.” For me, this definitely holds true. What made your poem great is that there is a part of it for everyone. You make it clear that whatever the reason may be for why you write, it’s right for you. Making this so applicable to the reader was what kept me engaged. Great job!

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