Writing Is

Writing is human discussion and interaction.
Writing is HISTORY. Writing is
how we know what really happened. What really was said.
Writing is expression. Writing is how we keep track of the world around us.

We could not adequately articulate our thoughts if not for writing.
Writing is what allows us to become polished
drafts, for even the greatest spoken words
were planned and rethought, and made perfect, through writing.

2 thoughts to “Writing Is”

  1. Hi Julia.

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I thought the point you made about articulating thoughts was interesting. It made me think of whether or not a bilingual person thinks in both languages, or if they favor one over the other.

  2. Julia,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post; it definitely made me think. Sometimes I forget that every great speech started out on paper.I also love how you organized the post. In class, whenever we talk about what “writing is” we do so in terms of genre. Your post feels more genuine; it talks about what writing is to people in every day life. Thank you for sharing!

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