Writing Is Power

Writing Is Power.

Writing is the rhythmic tap, tap, tap of the keyboard.

Writing is sitting down and crafting anything that means anything.

Writing changes people, moves people, frees people.

Writing influences government, science and technology.

Writing sparks debate, provides voice, starts a conversation.

Writing is about a smiling child, a tough time or just a beautiful day.

Writing is a voice for the voiceless, too.

It can change the world–and in today’s world, there is no greater power than that.

3 thoughts to “Writing Is Power”

  1. Hi Jake,
    Reading this puts a smile on my face; I know how much writing means to you personally, and I think this post really speaks to all of us as we try to forge our paths in college writing. It’s easy to forget that writing really is power, and often feels like a thing we just have to get done for a class or publication. It’s nice to be among people who really appreciate what writing can do, and your few sentences really sum it up in a great way. Good luck with your project, and the rest of your writing!

    1. I couldn’t agree more with Sonalee. Jake, you take writing so seriously and you are so passionate about it. That’s your greatest asset. Until I joined the Daily, I didn’t know how powerful writing could be. Your manifesto clearly shows how powerful and versatile writing is and I particularly liked when you said, “Writing changes people, moves people, frees people.”
      Writing can change the world and your manifesto portrays that. And if someone is able to write something that changes the world, I have no doubt that you can. I’m so happy that you wrote this.

  2. Jake – this is a really cool and interesting piece. I especially like how you put in bold many of the verbs that describe what writing can do – changes, moves, frees, speaks, provides, starts – writing can do so much and has done so much to influence the world. A also really appreciated the third line, where you say that writing can craft “anything about anything.” This is one of my favorite aspects of writing, being able to put whatever I want down onto a page and have complete control over the words. From what you wrote and also from the comments above, I can see that you have a strong passion for writing, which I’m sure will take you far.

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