Writing Together

For another one of my classes, I am working on a collaborative research paper. At first, I thought this going to be just like writing a research paper, but easier. I figured, more people means less work. And at first it did.

To begin, we split up researching responsibilities. One group member would research X, while another researched Y. This worked out nicely because we all had the opportunity to explore one topic in depth, instead on a bunch of topics superficially.

But now we’re actually writing the paper. And I’ve realized there are a few drawbacks to working with a group. Forget about scheduling out times to meet–that’s the least of my worries.

1. We all have different writing styles. How on earth are we going to make this paper sound cohesive?

2. I’m very particular. If I want to rewrite a passage, how do I do so with out offending anyone?

3. I don’t like to save things for the last minute. How do I encourage my group to get working in advanced?


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