You Are a Writer, and You Are FANTASTIC.

I did this on my personal blog, and I thought it might be nice to do for you all here too- so here goes:

YOU- you there with the laptop or desktop computer, or phone, or other device that lets you access this post- you are absolutely fantastic. Now I know you have a paper/article/poem/story/manuscript/thesis/hieroglyphic due (how do I know that? Because we’re writing students, we always have some writing due), and I know you’re tired, and weary, and your fingers are cramping and the early onset carpal tunnel is setting in, but YOU CAN DO THIS. You have done it before; 3:00AM on a Wednesday typing up the masterpiece that would be your first Freshman English paper, months and months reading over the magnificent opus that was your Common Application Essay, 11:52PM working furiously for an 11:59PM deadline. You have done it, and you have conquered. You are a writing minor. You are a warrior.

Remember: every great bit of writing started with an empty page. And now, that page is yours. Fill it with everything you could possibly think of for that really esoteric research topic for your upper level PoliSci class, fill it with every thought, every emotion you have ever had. Create characters that never existed before you gave them life, make news and break it, and declare your scientific discoveries to the world. You can change something, you can affect people, all you have to do is tap away at those keys, burn through that ink or graphite.

You crazy writer, you have opened up a portal, each word you write is the birth of a new idea, each sentence is utterly unique to you. You create waves, you create change, you create life. Yes, you create life with that tedious summary of protein synthesis and analysis of the works of Montaigne, because it’s yours. So OWN IT.

Never apologize for your writing, never apologize for your thoughts.  Maybe it’s the coffee flowing through your veins, maybe it’s the ghost of Poe or Dickens or Angelou in your spirit, but you cannot be stopped. Your fingers skate on that keyboard, every letter is a note of a grand symphony. Shh. Shut up. Just listen. Can you hear it? That beautiful sound? That’s the sound of your mind bleeding onto a Word document. You control that blinking cursor, you make it dance for you. Push that cursor pages beyond its wildest dreams.

You are a writer, and you are absolutely fantastic.

So that was my overzealous writer’s pep talk. Best of luck to everyone working on the Repurposing Project at the moment, and to the rest of you with all your writing endeavors!

Sonalee Joshi

Sonalee is a fourth year student in the College of LSA with an Honors major in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience with a Sweetland Minor in Writing.

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