Yours Truly

T-Ball circa 1999

Brendan Montgomery was born in Chicago, but currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It took him fifteen years to learn that he enjoyed writing and seventeen years to discover he is colorblind. His time outside of the classroom is dedicated to eating pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and rooting for the Chicago White Sox. He has two dogs and a twin sister.

2 thoughts to “Yours Truly”

  1. Brendan, what stood out to me most about your post was actually your picture. Everything about it is atypical. You are not facing us – all I can see is your name printed across the back of your shirt. You are nowhere near your current age. You are not alone in the photo. Nor are you in an action shot throwing/catching the ball – rather you’re watching other kids play. What a mysterious photo. Is that your twin sister? She is your mirror image the way she is angling her body. This picture definitely leaves me thinking and coming up with questions.

    On a totally separate note – I love the chocolate fudge brownie shout out – great food choice.

  2. Brendan, I LOVE this writer’s bio. You include really great details that help us to understand more about you. My favorite line is the one about color blindness – so witty. I also like your ending; telling us that you have two dogs and a twin sister closes on a personal note, which I like a lot. Finally. I love the picture you chose. I agree with Nina that this picture leaves the reader wanting more and thinking about the author pictured. Overall, a very successful writer’s bio.

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