YouTube sensation to Mug shoot Monday

Thought of the Day: If we did not have advance technology, there would be no Justin Bieber. Just think about that. Think about how he was discovered….

YouTube provides different video clips, TV clips, music videos (a lot used via VEVO), educational videos, personal documentation, and video blogging.

One of the digital rhetoric platforms is the sensation of YouTube. Almost 10 years ago, YouTube was created to “Broadcast Yourself”. YouTube created a new digital rhetoric platform: viral videos. With this (then) new sensation, YouTube is a place on the internet that allows viewers to “subscribe” to different accounts to follow or simply to watch random videos (sometimes funny, sometimes you’re like wtfudge–but funny as well).

YouTube is a compelling example of digital rhetoric because of it’s unique creation of pop stars. If you did not know, Justin Bieber (and a lot of other stars) were discovered via YouTube. These stars were discovered by various viewers and subscribers which then allowed individuals to become discovered by companies or producers. This displays how our society shifted from hiring famous actors/actresses/singers/artists to hiring “outside the box” due to this new digital age where I believe anything can happen.


“JB” was discovered in YouTube in 2007. Since his first production in 2008, JB has received 155 awards out of 236 nominations. (the only research I did about JB is to find those numbers. I will not provide you with anything else about him because I do not want to cloud my valuable mind with random facts about him… It’s called wikipedia people. If you want more information contact google.)

^^Okay, now this is kinda ironic again. So without me thinking about it until finishing typing that paragraph, I literally just “fell” for/explicitly displayed digital rhetoric. I reference my audience to go and use the internet (because it is so accessible) to gain more insight on context about someone. Well, on that note, let things linger about what your perspectives of digital rhetoric are and see how impactful that is on your life.


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2 thoughts to “YouTube sensation to Mug shoot Monday”

  1. Very interesting! Youtube is a great example of a platform that holds so many different elements of digital rhetoric. Each video differs. Some only a little bit different from other. Others vastly. And within each video you can observe different elements of digital rhetoric. And the elements work in different ways. I sometimes wonder why Youtube is really the only video sharing website that people use. Do you think that is has to do with digital rhetoric?

  2. Emily,

    I had never thought about the emergence of Justin Bieber as entirely due to an element of digital rhetoric. Youtube is a fascinating platform for conversation to be inspired, due to the content, and comments posted under the content. Beyond the Justin Bieber phenomenon, a lot of great ideas have been brought to light by the creation of Youtube, and its ability to share ideas in a creative way, through video that is, with the world. An example of a “youtube movement” occurring right now is the promotional video gone viral from a non-profit organization called Rock the Vote, who produced a sort of music video featuring respected celebrities encouraging everyone (especially young adults) to vote, and explaining why they will be “turning out” to vote for what matters to them!

    If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out!

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