A List of Grievances

Along with the moniker “Comma-Kazi” (which an 8th grade English teacher once donned on me), I am what one might consider a “Grammar Nazi.” While scrolling or swiping through social media sites on my phone, I can’t help put pick up on spelling errors and incorrect uses of words. I’m the guy that literally will not like/favorite a post/tweet/whatever if there is some grammatical error, because it causes me to have less respect for that post/tweet/whatever. Maybe that’s a little anal, but it’s just how I am.

As far as these grammatical errors go, I have a list of grievances that has accumulated over my time in college. Some of these things include:

  • “Your” and “You’re”: This is one of the most common mistakes I have noticed and it is utterly maddening. It is especially cringe-worthy when a person uses the right one, and someone comments or replies that they were supposed to use the other – that commenter has just made a complete fool of themselves.
  • “Than” and “Then”: One is for comparison, one is for time sequence – confusing them is a disastrous affair in my mind.
  • “Would Have/Should Have/Could Have” vs. “Would Of/Should Of/Could Of”: The latter set is just plain wrong and it is both disturbing and perturbing to see them used.
  • “Ironic”: Some people use this word in places it doesn’t really apply, in effect making their statement ironic, but not in the way they intended.
  • “Their/There/They’re”: It is (semi-)understandable when the first two are confused, but when the third one is thrown in there and used incorrectly, I become a tad peeved.
  • “To/Too/Two”: The difference between “to” and “too” is so elementary that I am dumbfounded when people manage to mix them up. Also distasteful, but much less common, is the rare mixup of “two” for one of the other two. It’s unbelievable that that happens.

Though there are assuredly more, I should probably cut the rant here. In making that list, I found myself becoming annoyed just thinking about the errors I’ve seen online. These things bother me greatly, as I believe I’ve made clear, but I make a conscious effort not to be that guy correcting everybody all the time. Once in a while I can’t even contain myself, but usually I keep it in check.

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