A rocky start, but hoping for smooth sailing ahead.

Much like the beginning of my Project 2, the beginning of my Project 3 was neither easy nor timely. It took me a very long time to decide what to do. However, after nearly a week of brainstorming I’ve finally outlined my plans for the project, and have even begun to work on the substantive portion of the work.

Since I could not decide what to create for Project 3, I began by reviewing my Project 2. This project was concerned with the concept of American-ness and whether it is possible to truly become an American. I explored the topic through the use of my Grandfather as an example of an American who is still very much out of place in the US, despite having become a citizen decades ago.

During workshop for Project 2, some classmates made an interesting comment about my article – that while my grandfather is clearly different from native-born American grandparents, there are many other grandparents who don’t fit the mold of the “typical” American grandparent. This observation ultimately informed my Project 3 topic.

For Project 3, I plan to create a video documentary that explores the experiences of others who have these atypical immigrant grandparents or parents. The aim of the documentary will be to uncover whether others who share my “family dynamic” share experiences similar to those I’ve had with my grandfather. In order to create this documentary, I will conduct recorded interviews with those who fit the criteria and ask them about their relationships with these grandparents/parents, as well as their memories and feelings about the atypical things their parents or grandparents do.

I chose this medium because I feel that it would be a nice complement to my long-winded and somewhat dense article; the video medium is more passive and easygoing, while still maintaining depth of messaging and high information density. As such, I hope to retain the same audience – socially and politically active readers of a forward magazine, such as the New Yorker. I chose to remain focused on the same audience because I see Project 3 as a type of “digital supplement” to my Project 2.

At this point in the project, I have outlined my plan for the final project and arranged for interviews with documentary participants. In addition, I have begun to draft the interview questions I will ask the documentary participants. These questions address biographical, experience, and perception questions about the experience of growing up in a “multi-cultural” household.

Next I plan to record the interviews, after which I will tackle the challenge of learning to use iMovie to assemble the documentary. I expect that this will be somewhat difficult to produce – gathering the interviews will be very time intensive. Furthermore, I am not well acquainted with iMovie and will probably have difficulty with it. Nevertheless, I think this will be rewarding and educational.

I am very excited about creating my Project 3. While I’ve had a rocky start, I hope it will be smooth sailing from here.


How I felt while navigating Project 3


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