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Princess Bella on her mat in the backseat.

I am grateful for my dog, Bella. She is a loyal friend that always greets me at the door when I come home. She will sit with me for hours on end and not demand anything in return (except for treats and belly rubs). I never get tired of her company, and I miss her when she is not around. The room just isn’t as lively. Whether she is playing fetch or sitting off to the side chewing on her bone, Bella always provides entertainment for my family. In other words, Bella give us something to talk about–something to connect with. My parents, my siblings, and I take turns feeding her, taking her on runs, and even driving her to the vet if she is sick. As a team, we provide a great life for an animal that we rescued from an abusive environment when she was 3 years old. Its hard to remember what my house was like before Bella arrived, and I cant imagine what it will be like when she is gone. Bella is the daughter my mom never had. She constantly talk to Bella throughout the day, keeping my mom company while I am away at school. I know they will both look after each other. When my mom tripped and broke her ankle while on a run, Bella barked loudly until getting someones attention to come help. After my mom got a brace at the hospital, Bella would sit gently against it and lick it, as if to help heal the injury. It is safe to say that Bella will always be a contributing member of our family. She unites us, protects, entertains us, and gets plenty of treats along the way.



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